Broken Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

It’s a heart-stopping sound, that muffled *CRACK* you feel more than hear, as your laptop’s LCD monitor cracks.  Maybe you stepped on it, leaned on it, dropped it, closed it on your keys, or subjected it to extreme temperatures.  One thing’s for sure; right now you can barely see anything on the screen!

Broken LCD

Cracked laptop LCD

Some other issues people may have with their screens are vertical lines or bars; these may be white, a bright color, or solid black, as below, and commonly result from a failure of tiny electrical connections within the screen’s body.

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In all these situations, the screen itself has been ruined – the glass cannot be repaired, and humans are incapable of fixing the tiny connections that have broken.

But all is not lost!  Replacements for PC laptop LCDs are usually quite inexpensive – around $75 in most cases – and only cost about $90 to $120 in labor depending on the complexity of the job (some laptop manufacturers like to make things very difficult).  We can find the perfect matching part for your screen and install it in a matter of days, and all will be as good as new!

If your laptop computer screen has broken, all is not lost. The typical computer screen currently costs between $60 to $100 and our labor costs to repair computer displays are usually $90 to $120 depending on the difficulty of the repair. This labor cost includes the finding the perfect match to replace your screen as well as installing it.

We also can replace Apple MacBook displays!  Apple likes to let you think this is a difficult process and charges quite inordinate amounts, but we can work together to find an ideal, reasonably-priced solution for you.


*Please note: certain laptop displays, such as those in the HP Folio line and other extremely thin laptops, are both nearly impossible for us to source, and too fragile and risky for us to attempt to replace. At the moment, we are not repairing certain LCDs, and would recommend you contact the manufacturer. We are working to find other solutions to help you get the best deal possible. Please come see us to see if we can help with your particular situation!

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