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At The Computer Cellar, we don’t want to sell anything to you that we’d be afraid to buy ourselves. Buying a used computer could be risky if you’re buying from someone who doesn’t know how to properly clean and repair them – or prepare them for sale. We obtain computers from off-lease business sources, electronics recyclers, and others who can demonstrate a clear chain of custody and history, so you don’t have to worry about buying something sketchy. We also look for business-class computers that are meant to be durable and dependable, rather than the plasticky junk they sell for cheap in the major chain stores.

All Cellar Certified refurbished computers are carefully inspected by real technicians with years of experience. We physically clean them inside and out, wipe previous users’ data (or replace the storage drive with a new one), and install a fresh copy of the most recent possible version of the operating system, along with a handful of free software that we recommend and use ourselves, including a completely free office suite (LibreOffice) and virus/malware defenses (Windows Defender, Malwarebytes).

If there are any known flaws or possible future problems with the computer, we will disclose them when showing the computer, to make sure you’re aware of any risks that may be involved with a particular model or part.

You never have to worry whether your software is genuine or not. Unlike most of the Craigslist sellers, we don’t load up computers with pirated software, only free, open-source applications. And we always make sure that your copy of Windows is properly licensed and activated.

All computers are sold with a 30-day warranty. If anything is defective within 30 days, it will be replaced at no charge or you will be refunded when you return the computer. If something fails outside of the warranty, we will generally discount our labor as much as we can for any repairs needed within a reasonable span of time.  Accidental/user damage is not warrantied.

Current-generation operating systems are Windows 10 20H2 and MacOS 11.1 Big Sur

Unfortunately, the used/refurbished market has been thoroughly thrashed by the continued work/school-from-home situation. Electronics recyclers were shut down for a while, and even though they’ve spun back up, their usual sources (like IT departments) are scrambling to keep every laptop running they can, rather than recycling and upgrading. This means it is a slow slog to getting more refurbished units.

We still have no timeline as to when more may become available through our store, and we apologize for the inconvenience. This page will be updated immediately if anything goes up for sale.





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