COVID-19 precautions: We are open at our regular hours. We have implemented comprehensive internal guidelines to protect ourselves and our customers. Customers are required to use provided hand sanitizer upon entry and maintain a safe distance from staff and other customers. Masks/face coverings are REQUIRED. If you have a legitimate reason you can’t wear a mask, you may not enter our store, but you should call or email in to discuss your computer problem and drop your device off curbside. The safety and well-being of our staff and customers is of the utmost importance to us, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not compliant with our requirements.

720 9th St, Lower Level; Durham, NC 27705
Open Monday-Friday 10 AM – 7 PM  •  Closed Weekends

Come see the difference it makes…

A Convenient Location the heart of Durham!

We’re found in the historic 9th Street district among other locally-owned small businesses. With easy parking right outside our door, you’ll be in & out in no time.

Fast, Quality Service

...without compromises!

We complete most simple repairs within 24 hours. If parts are needed, it usually just takes a few days. Can’t handle the downtime? Rental laptops are available!

A Stellar Crew

...of real people!

Humans, not robots. Our hand-picked crew of local enthusiasts is ready to listen, understand, and help you find a cost-effective solution that fits your needs.

You can count on The Computer Cellar for fast service, thorough diagnostics, and reliable repairs. We take the time to explain problems and how we can fix them in language you can understand, all with a smile and sense of humor you won’t get from most “geeks” and “geniuses”; and we try to make solutions as cost-effective as possible.
Here’s the major services we offer (more comprehensive info can be found in the menu up top):
Computer not up to speed?

That could be due to malware/viruses, spyware, bloatware, poor optimization, a shortage of RAM (memory), dusty fans, or even quite commonly, a failing hard drive. We can determine the issue(s) dragging you down and help make your computer – whether laptop or desktop, PC or Mac – faster than it was when you first bought it!

Need data recovered or copied?

Many faulty hard drives can have data recovered – or deleted data restored. And if you need data transferred/copied from legacy devices, we can help with that too! If you’ve got a drive with the “click of death” or an electro/mechanical failure, we can point you in the direction of reputable forensic-level data recovery services.

Running out of space?

We can add more storage, advise on off-system data hoarding, and identify rogue apps that are chewing up drive space.

Accidental damage?

We replace cracked screens, fix broken hinges, repair body damage, and even clean up liquid spills. We work on most Mac, PC, and Chromebook models, and we’ll point you in the right direction if it’s a device we can’t repair.

Got a brand spanking new computer?

We can set it up for you, turn off all the obnoxious & intrusive features, remove bloatware, get it fully up to date, and transfer data from your old computer. While programs can’t be moved between PCs, we’ll try to advise on reinstallation.

Need a brand spanking new computer?

We can build the custom gaming or productivity desktop of your dreams. Fill out our simple form to get started on a quote!

Need a computer that’s ‘new to you’?

We sell affordable, reliable refurbished laptops and desktops. Everything we offer comes from legitimate sources including electronics reclaimers in the local area. They’re all thoroughly cleaned, tested, repaired when necessary, and upgraded when advisable. They come to you with a clean OS and no bloatware. You can be sure you’re getting a quality computer – if we wouldn’t sell it to our own family, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

So how do I get my computer looked at?

Just drop in any time we’re open – we don’t do appointments – and we’ll get your information and take a look at the issue. Once checked in, you’re in our queue, and we’ll take a look as soon as possible to attempt to diagnose the problem, then get in touch with you with our recommendations and pricing quotes.

If you move forward with a repair, you’re only charged for the repair work itself! If you decide to retire the computer or have it repaired elsewhere, there may be a diagnostic charge of up to $20-$50. If you purchase one of our refurbished computers instead of getting a repair, we may waive the diagnostic charge at our discretion.

There’s also a few services we don’t offer:
Phone, tablet, or mobile device repair

But you can check out our recommendations for several local providers of these services instead.

Support for or reinstallation of legacy operating systems

There are, of course, a few exceptions, but please check out the additional information.

House calls, on-site work, or local pick-up

Yeah, we know we used to, but there’s good reasons why we stopped. You can learn why here.

Investigation of cyberstalking, “gangstalking”, or other cybercrimes

Please click the button to read our policy on these matters and our recommendations.

Got other questions? Check out our FAQ before calling, or use our contact form to email us.