The Computer Cellar will decline to repair the HP 15- and 17-bs/by/bw/ca/dy/etc. series (any of the cheaper models commonly sold at Walmart or Best Buy with a textured surface, approx. 3-5 years ago.) This line has severe issues with its plastic formulation and tends to disintegrate under handling and especially during disassembly/reassembly. Repairs are very costly and will fail in the same manner over time. Units without structural issues often develop them during other repairs. As a result we will ONLY offer data salvage for this series.

The Computer Cellar is closed Monday, January 16.
Our staff could not safely commute this morning due to weather conditions. We will reopen Tuesday morning at our regular hours.

720 9th St, Lower Level; Durham, NC 27705
(basement of The Regulator bookshop; across the street from Chase Bank)
Open Monday – Friday 10AM to 6PM  •  Closed weekends

A Convenient Location the heart of Durham!

We’re found in the historic 9th Street district among other locally-owned small businesses. With easy parking right outside our door, you’ll be in and out in no time.

The Fastest Service

...without compromises!

We complete most simple repairs within 48 hours. If parts are needed, it usually just takes a few days. Can’t handle the downtime? Rental laptops are available!

A Stellar Crew

...of real people!

Humans, not robots. Our hand-picked crew of local enthusiasts is ready to listen, understand, and help you find a cost-effective solution that fits your needs.

Major services offered (more comprehensive info available in the menu):
Computer not up to speed?

That could be due to malware/viruses, spyware, bloatware, poor optimization, a shortage of RAM (memory), dusty fans, or even quite commonly, a failing hard drive. We can determine the issue(s) dragging you down and help make your computer – whether laptop or desktop, PC or Mac – faster than it was when you first bought it!

Need data recovered or copied?

Some failing/damaged hard drives can have data recovered – or deleted data restored. And if you need data transferred/copied from legacy devices, we can help with that too! If you’ve got a drive with the “click of death” or an electro/mechanical failure, we can point you in the direction of reputable forensic-level data recovery services.

Running out of space?

We can add more storage, advise on off-system data hoarding, and identify rogue apps that are chewing up drive space, making it so you have your free space back – so much room for activities!

Accidental damage?

We replace cracked screens, fix broken hinges, repair body damage, and even clean up liquid spills. We work on most PCs and Chromebooks, as well as several Mac models, and we’ll direct you to trusted resources if it’s a device we can’t repair.

Got a brand spanking new computer?

We can set it up for you, turn off the obnoxious & intrusive features, remove bloatware, get it up to date, and transfer data from your old device. While programs can’t be moved between PCs, we’ll advise and assist with reinstallation when possible.

Need a brand spanking new computer?

We can build the custom gaming or productivity desktop of your dreams. Fill out our simple form to get started on a quote!
*This service is temporarily discontinued due to parts shortages. You can learn more on the linked page.

Need a computer that’s ‘new to you’?

We sell affordable, reliable refurbished laptops and desktops. Everything we offer comes from legitimate sources including electronics reclaimers in the local area. They’re all thoroughly cleaned, tested, repaired when necessary, and upgraded when advisable. They come to you with a clean OS and no bloatware. You can be sure you’re getting a quality computer – if we wouldn’t sell it to our own family, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

So how do I get my computer looked at?

Just drop in any time we’re open – we don’t do appointments – and we’ll get your information and take a look at the issue. Once checked in, you’re in our queue, and we’ll take a look as soon as possible to attempt to diagnose the problem, then get in touch with you with our recommendations and pricing quotes. You’ll usually hear from us within 24 hours! Throughout the process, we stay in regular contact via text, phone, or email (your choice) to keep you informed and offer options.

A diagnostic/bench fee range of $20-50, which is time- and labor-dependent, applies to all consultations and check-ins (minimum $20). Generally this fee is in addition to repair costs, and helps cover our time in communication with you, including counter time. Certain exceptional cases may cause a diagnostic fee to be raised, lowered, or waived, but you’ll be informed if this applies (or is expected to apply) in your case.

There’s also a few services we don’t offer:
Phone, tablet, or mobile device repair

But you can check out our recommendations for several local providers of these services instead.

Support for or reinstallation of legacy operating systems

There are, of course, a few exceptions, but please check out the additional information.

House calls or device pick-up

Yes, we used to (a long time ago), but there’s a number of good reasons why we stopped. You can learn the details here.

Investigation of cyberstalking, “gangstalking”, or other cybercrimes

Please click the button to read our policy on these matters and our recommendations.

Got other questions? Please check our FAQ before calling, or use our contact form to email us.