COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders: The safety and well-being of both our staff and customers is paramount to us. As a business providing essential services to our community’s workers and individuals, we currently remain open at our regular hours until further notice. We have implemented comprehensive internal guidelines to help protect ourselves and our customers. We take the current circumstances very seriously, and anyone presenting as symptomatic will be denied entry.

During the stay-at-home order, individuals are advised to stay home except for essential needs. As such, we encourage people to come in only for problems that prevent them from using their computer to meet these essential needs. Examples include: working or schooling from home, medical consultation, purchasing of supplies, family communication, keeping up-to-date with news and health guidance, and similar uses. The inability to play games, watch cat videos, or chat with friends on Facebook is not considered essential. While we won’t reject repairs on this basis, if at any point we are facing a backlog, non-essential repairs may be deprioritized.

720 9th St, Lower Level; Durham, NC 27705
Open Monday-Friday 10 AM – 7 PM • Closed Weekends

The repair experts at The Computer Cellar can fix up your damaged PC laptop or desktop, iMac, MacBook, or just about any other type of computer*.

Hardware issues? We can diagnose problems with your power supply, hard drive, RAM, CPU, or logic board and help you find a solution to fit your budget.

Viruses and spyware**? We’ve got a team of techs ready to help take them out.

Got an older laptop you want to be faster? Maybe even faster than it was when you bought it? We’ve got affordable upgrade solutions available.

Dump your coffee on your keyboard? We can try to save it!

We provide fast service, thorough inspections, and reliable repairs, and we stand proudly behind our work. We take the time to explain the problems we diagnose, and explain how we can fix them, all with a smile and a sense of humor you won’t get from most “geeks” and “geniuses”, and in language you can understand.

*looking for mobile device/phone/tablet repair? We don’t do that, but we know some awesome local people that do! Click here for our recommendations.

**we do not investigate suspected cyberstalking or other cybercrime. Click here to read our policy and recommendations.

An easy and affordable process

Come in any time – we don’t require appointments – and we’ll get your information and you can explain (or demonstrate) the issue with your computer. Once you’re checked in, you’re in our queue. As soon as we get to your computer, we’ll take a look and attempt to diagnose the problem, then call, text, or email you with details as to what we’ve found, and what it will take to fix it. Most people get a diagnostic response within 24 hours, and we’ll give you advance warning if we think it may take longer.

If you move forward with a repair, you are only charged for repair work. If you decide to retire the computer or have it repaired elsewhere, there will be a diagnostic charge of up to $50 (this charge is based on time and effort involved in diagnostic testing and reporting). If you decide to purchase one of our refurbished computers, we may also waive the diagnostic charges at our discretion.

Quality, fairly-priced refurbished computers

We also sell affordable, reliable refurbished laptop and desktop computers. Everything we offer has come from legitimate sources including electronics reclaimers and recyclers from the local area.

All computers are thoroughly cleaned, tested, and repaired when necessary, then they get a fresh install of their operating system with no bloatware, and an assortment of free, useful utilities such as the fantastic open-source, Microsoft Office-compatible suite LibreOffice, virus and malware protection, and modern, secure web browsers with ad-blocking extensions and anti-phishing protection.

Our rule of refurbished computers is that we would never sell you something we wouldn’t be confident in selling to our own families or friends.

If you’re interested in a refurbished computer, please check our “Items for Sale” page, which is kept up to date with what is currently available.

Personal, friendly service and communication

When you call, visit our office, or email us via our contact page, you’re talking to the very same people who work tirelessly to keep your computer running. We pride ourselves on our small, tight-knit team of motivated, savvy individuals who combine their personal, friendly service with the utmost respect for you, your computer, and your personal data. We always take the time to explain what’s ailing your computer with patience, and in terms that you can understand.

Locally owned and operated

Our office is conveniently located in the Heart of Durham, on bustling 9th Street, in the basement of The Regulator Bookshop. Please enter through our main entrance in the back of the building. For your convenience, parking is available directly in back, accessible from Iredell St.

The Computer Cellar is an American owned and operated small business, made up of a small team of local people that love Durham, Ninth Street, and their amazing communities.