Custom Desktop PC Requests

Due to current massive product shortages on both current and last-generation components, we have temporarily suspended custom builds: simply put, we can’t build you anything right now because we simply don’t have access to parts. We hope to see this change in the coming months, but until then you may want to consider working with system integrators that have direct access to manufacturer supply.

We do still offer bring-your-own-parts (BYOP) services; if you’ve managed to acquire all the parts you wanted for your build we can assemble, set up, and test the system for $100-$200, depending on complexity.

Ready for a custom PC built just for you?

Whether it’s for gaming or productivity, sometimes a custom-built PC is just the right thing for your needs. Fill out the form below and we’ll begin the process of emailing back and forth with you to see if we can meet your needs and budget. Please allow up to 48 hours for an initial response.

One thing to keep in mind before submitting:

It’s not generally cost-effective to consider a custom rig through us without a budget plan of around $1,200 or more. While it is possible for us to build something cheaper, the bang for your buck may not live up to what you’re hoping for. Since we’re a small business without direct connections to wholesalers or manufacturers of enthusiast PC parts, costs will be higher than the “DIY!” lists of parts you can find online suggest. Also keep in mind you’re not just buying parts, but the expertise to choose the best blend of parts and assemble them carefully and correctly, and for a legitimate license for Windows 10.

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