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Unsupported Software

Eventually, all operating systems and software applications reach End-Of-Life, when support and patches are no longer updated. This essay explains a bit more about why this happens and why we don’t offer support or repairs for certain software. [click here to read more]


Why We Don’t Do House Calls

The Computer Cellar stopped offering in-home services in 2016. Why did we do it? There’s a lot of good reasons. [click here to read more]


What is Windows 10 S?

On May 2, Microsoft introduced their newest version of Windows, Windows 10 S. How is it different from Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro? [click here to read more]


Intel Optane Memory

Intel’s new Optane Memory technology can make a huge performance boost at a minimal cost – but only on the newest PCs. We’re excited about this new tech – should you be? [click here to read more]


Internet Privacy and VPNs

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about changes to internet privacy laws. How do they actually affect you? What’s a VPN and should you get one? [click here to read more]



Ransomware is a plague that’s affecting both individual users and businesses alike. How can you prevent your data from being held hostage? [click here to read more]