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Remote support now available!

Did you know that some common issues can be solved without having to drag your computer to the shop?

Some things like software checkups, minor malware removal, printer and device driver troubleshooting, and general use guidance can be accomplished with the assistance of remote support software.

Remote support is provided by appointment on most weekdays. Call the shop at 919-314-3327, and we’ll get some information from you about your problem and set up a time for your session.

Once your call has started, you’ll simply click here, enter the code we provide you, and authorize us to connect. Within moments, we’ll be able to see your screen and control your mouse and keyboard while you observe. We may then have you demonstrate the issue and then help you solve it if possible! If necessary, you can take over the keyboard and mouse and/or disconnect us at any time during the process.

All remote support is performed by a member of the in-store repair team at The Computer Cellar in Durham – the local people you already know and trust.

If you’re the type that frequently needs help, we can also add a widget that saves the time and trouble of using the code method repeatedly. This widget will not be installed without your express permission, and we can never access your computer without your authorization.

While remote support is more costly than in-person repair, the reduction of time and hassle (not to mention the added safety of staying at home) is often worth it. Our rate is $70/hr, billed in 15-minute increments, with a $35 minimum. Your credit card information will be noted before connecting, but you will not be charged until the conclusion of the session and you will be informed of the final total. Receipts will be emailed.