Software Technical Support

Software is arguably the most important part of any computer system. You might have the fastest, newest hardware there is, but if your software doesn’t run right, you’re gonna be going oh…. so…….. sloooooooooow.

Software refers to the programs that make your computer operate and do all the things you want it to do.  Whether it’s your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux), which instructs the hardware what to do and provides an interface for you to control it, or your applications (like office software that helps you do word processing, or web browsers that let you surf the internet), software is the key to operation.

Over time, installing and uninstalling programs, poor virus screening, and general “crud” slows a computer’s software system down. There can also be independent random glitches, which can cause the computer to behave in unexpected, undesirable ways.  At The Computer Cellar, we can help you diagnose your software problems and make adjustments and corrections to get back to normal.  With the right work, your computer will run like it’s new again!

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