Help, I Don’t Understand Windows 10!

We understand that change can be intimidating.

Unfortunately it’s a part of life, and especially of computing life. Technology is always progressing, and operating systems will change along with that progress.

What we do at The Computer Cellar is fix broken computers. Sadly we don’t have the time nor staff resources to meet the needs of teaching people how to use already-fully-functional computers. If you need help learning how to use Windows 10 or perform basic tasks, we’ll have to refer you to an outside resource.

We would, however, encourage you to simply give it a try – Windows 10 is a very visually-oriented operating system, and aside from appearance changes, functions basically the same way as versions of Windows past. It surprises us how stymied people are by the differences between the versions, when they are of the same generation that went from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 without a hitch! You may find that if you simply dive in and take your time, context clues will help you find your way around.