Guide to installing Google Drive

Today, we’ll teach you how to set up Google Drive!

If you haven’t already, set up a Google account. If you use GMail, you already have a Google account. Setting up a Google account is easy and free. You can set one up by going to, clicking on “Sign In” in the top right corner, and then clicking “Create an account” on the next page.

Step 1:

Go to  Click on the word “download” in the top right.


Step 2:

On the next page, hover the cursor over “Download Drive”, and then click “Mac and PC”. This tutorial is for the PC version, but the process for Macs is similar, if not easier.


Step 3:

Click “Accept and Install”. The installer will appear and do its thing for a while.


Step 4:

Click “Get Started”.


Step 5:

Sign in with your Google Account information.


Step 6:

Click “Next”, “Next”, “Next”, “Done”. Each panel will show you some valuable information about how Drive works.

You’re done!

There is now a folder that appears in Windows Explorer called “Google Drive”. When you save or copy something to this folder, a copy is immediately uploaded to Google’s private servers. You have 15 GB of storage for free, and can pay a small amount to increase the storage. You can also instruct your backup software to save to this location.

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