Comprehensive Diagnostics

My computer stopped working.

Most of the time, that’s all we hear.  We get it, most people don’t understand how the hardware and software works inside their computer; and most don’t want to know.  You just want it to work.

And that’s just fine. We can diagnose most PC and Mac problems quickly and efficiently. Come in and we’ll do a 15-minute triage at no charge (if we have to open the computer up, a minimum $20 charge applies.) We may be able to tell you the problem right then and there.  If not, our comprehensive diagnostics cost just $50.  We’ll spend as much time as we need to figure out what your problem is and how best to fix it. We’ll call you as soon as we have a diagnosis, and try to explain exactly what the issue is, in terms you can understand, as well as provide a quote to perform the repair(s).

When you want it to just work, you can count on The Computer Cellar to get it back up and running!

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