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Chromebooks, regardless of their manufacturer, often offer an affordable alternative to Windows laptops and MacBooks by offering a web-focused experience that strips the usage experience down to some core features. They’re not for everybody, but they can work well for a lot of people, and usually offer a better build quality than a comparably-priced PC.

With their affordability comes an element of disposability – since the majority of your data is saved in Google Drive, there’s rarely concern about losing data when a Chromebook fails. Most of the internal components are all built into one solid-state board, so parts can’t be upgraded or replaced easily. But there’s some situations where a repair could be more affordable than outright replacement.

If you’ve broken your Chromebook’s LCD screen, keyboard, touchpad, or hinges, we may be able to provide a fix at an affordable price. Why not stop by and get a quote before tossing it in the trash and moving on?

We can also look at the rare software issues too, such as firmware recovery problems, rogue extensions, or confusing settings issues.