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At The Computer Cellar, we don’t want to sell anything to you that we’d be afraid to buy ourselves. Buying a used computer can be a risky prospect, if you’re buying from someone who doesn’t know how to properly refurbish them.

All Cellar Certified refurbished computers are carefully inspected by real technicians with years of experience. We physically clean them inside and out, wipe previous users’ data, and install a fresh copy of the operating system, along with assorted free utilities that we recommend and use ourselves, including an office suite and antivirus utilities.

If there are any flaws or possible future problems with the computer, we will disclose them when showing the computer, to make sure you’re aware of any risks that may be involved with a particular model or part.

You never have to worry whether your software is genuine or not. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher – click here to learn more about the advantages this means for you!


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